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The M2P contest starts on 20/06/2018 and will end the first edition on 20/07/2018

Together we will grow this new community of Metin2

The winner will receive 20 Euros guaranteed via PayPal.

- How do I participate in the contest?

- You must have an account in this community ( Create now if you do not have )

- You must have a PayPal account.

- You must be at least 13 years old.

- You must have a social security account to publish proof that you received the award.

- All posts must be related to metin2. Guid, tutorial, serverfiles, resource download, etc.

What do I have to do to win?

- You must have 50 point to enter the contest.

- How do these points?

- Each article published on the blog page will brings 3 point. ( In your profile you can see how many items you have written )

- And every topic published on the Forum 5 point. ( In your forum profile you can see how many items you have written )

- At the end of the contest we will calculate the points and the person with the most point will be contacted.

- The winner of the contest will be published in this article at the end of the 1st edition contest.

- Share this post 1 point.

Why are we doing this contest?

- This contest helps the popular community

- This contest helps us prove that we are serious

- This contest proves that we want to help the developer of Metin2

Thank you for your participation

Please leave a comment on this article if you wish to participate and what we should add in this article.
Recall is our first contest.
We apologize for some mistakes.



George M2P Administrator.





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